12 Reasons To Love LOVE 12

Trying to read that title back was more of a tongue-twister than I thought haha!

Looking back at my posts, I realised that I rarely do list posts (‘Appy Chappy! is the only one I recall) so I thought today I would create one to celebrate the release of LOVE Magazine‘s twelfth issue! As a keen reader of LOVE it’s about time that I do a post about the magazine. So what better time than now?

For those of you who are fans of the publication or of ever rising model, Kendall Jenner, then you will probably be aware of this issue. This particular issue has been on many a fashionista’s mind for a good while now & this is thanks to the promotion of the issue. You may recognise this photo as the one that was allegedly to be the Autumn(/Fall)/Winter 2014 cover?


If you didn’t there is no need to worry as it turned out that this wouldn’t be the published cover.

Despite not knowing this, I knew I needed it so contacted the Condé Nast Worldwide Newsstand as soon as I had finished gawking at the image ordering one. The CNWWN Team were absolutely fabulous with dealing with my order, alerting me as soon as they received early copies of the issue. Being the nice guy I am purchased the only two Kendall Jenner covers in stock for myself & my cousin. I received the magazines the next day, which really topped off my shopping experience with the CNWWN (I REALLY recommend contacting them about purchasing one of their publications if you would like a higher chance of getting your hands on one)!

Anyway, onward with this list!

1. Issue 12 has FOUR covers
2. The cover stars are: ever-conquering Kendall Jenner (as mentioned), one third of the ‘Supermodel Trinity’ Christy Turlington, Victoria’s Secret Brazillian bombshell, Adriana Lima & award winning actress Amy Adams
3. Kawaii! Cara Delevigne can be found in a sickly sweet shoot
4. The issue marks the first time Christy Turlington has worked with LOVE Magazine
5. Photographer Tim Walker captures British beauties Kate Moss & Edie Campbell
6. Photographer & founder of Hunger Magazine, Rankin, captures candid photos of Vivienne Westwood & her husband, Andreas Kronthaler
7. Kendall & a group of others models are caught, by photographer Phil Poynter, working g-force bass
8. Fabulous new campaign images from all the big designers
9. Snakes wearing bunny ears
10. An interview with fashion designer, Gareth Pugh
11. A llama in a white diamond & 18 carat white gold David Morris necklace
12. An interview with fashion designer Simone Rocha
And so there we have just some of the reasons why you should purchase LOVE Magazine Issue 12. It is available on newsstands on Monday the 28th July!
Before we leave I just want to share a few things with you. R.I.P to Clara the rabbit. If any of you are sat staring at this like “Whaaaaaaaa?!”, Clara the rabbit belonged to Katie Grand & sadly passed away this year. Her tribute video can be found here.
The other thing that I wanted to share with you was Cara doing some fabulous lip-syncing to ‘Control Myself’ by LL Cool J & Jennifer Lopez! You can either watch it on the LOVE website, here, or below – Your choice!
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