Jack Bradley

After having an epiphany in 2012, during his A Levels, Jack Bradley decided to chase his love of fashion and become a fashion student. He has spent the last few years working hard to build a career in the fashion industry, realising that he didn’t have to be able to draw to make it (although it definitely helps).

In April 2013, Jack launched his fashion blog Just Having A Giraffe in order to share his fashion related ramblings. The following month, he successfully interviewed to study fashion display and visual merchandising at college. He knew back then that he didn’t want to become a visual merchandiser but was drawn in by the styling, PR and photography units.

After having interned at Attitude Magazine, Jack decided that the time was right to re-launch and re-brand Just Having A Giraffe. The blog then became Oh So Jack & its content branched out from just fashion to now cover male grooming/beauty and lifestyle. Since this time, Jack has continued to collaborate with brands and now runs Oh So Jack from his home and his university accommodation.

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