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Today was the taster day for college & I was so so so excited!!

I clambered out of bed at 6:30AM (which I haven’t had to do in a while now, so I found it a struggle hahaha) & proceeded to get ready for the day ahead.

The day had gone really well, I got the bus on time nothing had gone wrong during the day so far… Too good to be true unfortunately. I got off the bus got halfway to college before realising “Uh oh! My portfolio is still on the bus!”

After finding the bus company’s number I was shown to where the taster day would be taking place. The longer I spent there, the more I just wanted to start the course!

We spent the first part of the day introducing ourselves to the rest of the class & looking at the types of work that we will be doing throughout our time at the college). We then discussed what we would be doing for our first project once the course properly starts in September which is to design a Christmas window display (everything from the props to the outfits the mannequins will be wearing)! The remainder of the taster day was spent creating a mood board of ideas that provide inspiration for when it comes to finalising our displays.

The eager person I am have already made a start on the mood board & are in the process of weighing up different ideas that I feel could work for the display. I have also joined Bloglovin’ since getting home today, so if you would like to follow ‘Just Having A Giraffe’ on there please click the link:″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin

So yeah, you have the update on my college journey! You’ll probably hear about my time at college again & hopefully I won’t be so scatty & leave my belongings on public transport!

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  1. 04/07/2013 / 10:48

    Aww Jack the course you are doing sounds so amazing! If I wasn’t doing theatrical make-up I would have signed up for that one!

    • 05/07/2013 / 14:47

      Aww Becky aha! Wish you were doing it, would be amazing to have you in the class aha! 😀

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