London’s Very Own Merge

Merge LDN. Producing British Tailored Street wear (otherwise known as BTS), this brand was founded by former ‘TOWIE’ star Tom Kilbey. With a vision to make “multifaced artistic illustration” the brand uses the creativity of both musicians & photographers to personally produce their items of clothing. Below you I have taken a screenshot of what Merge means to founder Tom Kilbey:

(Copyright of the above screenshot belongs to Merge LDN)

When Merge LDN was launched, the idea in mind was to provide men’s wear that has individuality & that tells a story. The brand’s first collection was designed & created in their London offices after personally selecting & sourcing the fabrics that are used in their pieces. Merge produces a variety of items such as jackets, t-shirts, tops & shorts. Below you can find two of the brand’s items that I love!

 MLDN-Tuntill-Jacket(Copyright of the above images belongs to Merge LDN)

I love the class & sophisticated looks that are projected by Merge’s items of clothing so so much! The ‘Alfred’ sweater is a stylish piece that has a subtle quirkiness to it. My favourite part of this jumper is the unique touch made by adding the Merge LDN not only to the chest but also all over the sleeves. The colour scheme of the jumper adds to its versatility making it an even better item to add to your wardrobe! Costing only £79.00 this item is a bargain! If you would like to find out more about this item, please click here.

The ‘Tunthill’ jacket is simple yet stylish. Its versatility & timeless look make it even more appealing! Using the navy colour adds to that the sophisticated style of the jacket, which has worked really well! The price of this jacket is £210.00 & if you’d like to find out more about this piece, please click here.

Before I leave you to admire these fab pieces, please click here if you would like to see more of Merge LDN’s clothing!

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