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Ok, so I was going to wait until later on to share this with you guys, but I just couldn’t keep it to myself anymore!

If any of you reading this do fashion blogging, you may have heard of the site IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers)? Well if not, it is a really great website as blogging tips are shared in order to help fashion bloggers make their blogs even better! I would really recommend the site for any fashion blogger, pros or just starting out!

The reason I am mentioning IFB is because they run a weekly promotion of blogs called ‘Links à la Mode’. To enter the promotion, bloggers need to submit the link to a post on their blog. On a certain date, the links will be selected & those lucky enough to be in the chosen twenty, get the link to their blog posted on the IFB Links à la Mode page & nineteen other blogs! How great does that sound right!?

Getting to the point, I was lucky enough to be in the chosen twenty this week! *Cheers* The post that I submitted was ‘The Four Faces of Lady Gaga‘. Below you can find the post with  all of this week’s selected! Congratulations to all of those chosen! So for now, bye!


What is Fashion Blogging anyway?

Are we supposed to want to go to fashion week? It’s in our blood to want to know the latest and greatest fashion trends. Do we muse about high fashion or stay grounded in everyday style? Fashion blogging covers a vast array of topics all relating to that essential need to get dressed. Whether you’re in the trenches at fashion week, following from home, or couldn’t care less, we’re all still fashion bloggers to the core. Anyway… We had a GREAT round of submissions this week. Hey, summer’s over, today’s the first official day of ‘Fashion Month’ so we’re all back to work. Fall fashion starts to hit the streets and our computer screens, so it’s all exciting stuff!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup



















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