A Super Six Months

Hello Lovelies! Today is a very special day as it is the six month anniversary of Just Having A Giraffe!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed running Just Having A Giraffe since day one & am looking forward to what the next six months bring for myself & the blog!

I could not have imagined achieving what I have since starting the blog & would like to take this evening to share with you what has happened!

After the first month of running Just Having A Giraffe, I was given my first bit of exposure by the wonderful ISWAI! I was so appreciative & couldn’t believe that they really liked the post (if you haven’t read it, please click here)!

The blog’s next exposure was when I wrote about an independent clothing company called ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’. I sent the post to them once I had finished it & was so relieved to hear they loved it! After tweeting it, they shared the link with their followers!

After coming across a brand selling jewellery & home gifts called ‘HotttShit.com’ & writing about them, I contacted them to find out what they thought of the post. Shortly after sending the email, I received one back saying how they loved the post! Again I was so so relieved! This email was then followed by tweets promoting the post!

Shortly after this I was contacted by an eyewear company called ‘Future Eyes’ saying that they like the blog & would like to send me a pair of their glasses (I was over the moon when I saw this)! I immediately wrote the post after having received the glasses (clicking here will open it)!

After a while, Hotttshit.com emailed me asking if I would be interested in hosting a giveaway in partnership with them. I was flattered that the brand wanted to work with me & was so excited to get to work on the giveaway’s post!

More great news arrived for the blog as it was selected for Independent Fashion Bloggers’  ‘Links à la Mode’! After seeing great posts being selected, I could not believe that I had been picked!

And so there you have it! The highlights of the past six months! I would like to thank all of you readers! Whether you have read since day one or started reading today, you have read what I have to say so once again thank you! If you are reading this & are thinking of creating your own blog, go for it! I never imagined I would have achieved all of the above, but persistence paid off!

I’ll stop rambling on now but I’ll be back again soon!

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    • 24/10/2013 / 07:03

      Thank you very much for you kind words Sabrina! And another thank you for checking out Just Having A Giraffe! 🙂

      Jack x

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