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Hello my lovelies! I’m writing the final draft of this post from my bedroom, however completed previous drafts at various locations on Friday 21st February. The first of these locations was London’s very own Somerset House. If you guessed correctly, gold stars for you! I was attending London Fashion Weekend! Eeeeeeeeek! If you’re wondering how I managed to land myself a place here, the story goes a bit like this… Well exactly like this: I entered London Fashion Weekend’s blogger competition to be the official blogger for this season’s event. Unfortunately I didn’t win (congratulations to the winner & those in the top five 😀 ), however I was offered a press pass to any of the days. I couldn’t believe it! They wanted to give one of those gems to moi?! So I composed myself just enough to respond, accepting the invitation & well, that is it really.

On the day I was running on two hours of solid sleep. I got ready & caught the train into London by the skin of my teeth. Upon arriving in the city, I hopped on the tube, jammed to Katy Perry & The Saturdays (both albums are so fab, check them out haha). The journey was completed by a short walk from Temple underground station to Somerset House& voila! If like myself, you have noticed I’ve used a lot of French for a post about LFWend, I apologise & would stop if I didn’t realise it is fitting seeing as Paris Fashion Week is in full swing!

As the day unfolded I managed to purchase ELLE’s March issue for only £1, check out fabulous showrooms, check out all of the Fashion Weekend stores & facilities & attend some fabulous catwalk shows!

The two shows that I attended were the ‘Trend Catwalk Show’ & the ‘Farhi by Nicole Farhi A/W14 Catwalk Show’. The trend show presented garments by different designers that were categorised into the following trends: Precious Metals, Flower Power, Lace Embrace & Good Sport. I’ve selected a few looks from each trend to show to you! Enjoy!

There you have the ‘Trend Catwalk Show’! Keep the themes in mind as you’ll be seeing a lot more of them this year! So now that you know the trends, how about I treat you to an exclusive peek at some of the looks from the Nicole Farhi show? Interested? Feast your eyes below!
Farhi-by-Nicole-Farhi Just because I love you guys so much, I’ll share with you the show’s finale!
Once I had seen everything available at the venue, I thought I would make a quick stop at Harrods before heading home – It’s almost like a tradition I have when in London. I HAVE to go into one of the department stores! After window shopping & gawking at the many wonders there (such as the Louboutins pictured below) I boarded the train & snoozed most of my way home.
Before I leave you with some photos, I must urge you to go to any of the fashion weeks & fashion weekends! They are an amazing experience! I also want to say a massive thank you once again to the London Fashion Weekend team for giving me the opportunity to attend!
I’ll be back again soon but for now lovelies, au revoir (I told you I wasn’t finished with that yet haha)!

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