I’ve done it! I’ve finally got my mojo back! And about bloody time too! I’ve been sitting down to write another post & have hit a wall so much I’m surprised my face isn’t really bashed in… I haven’t actually been hitting walls, I’ve just had writer’s block for ages.

So on top of the block, I’ve been kept busy since the last time I posted but now that I’m on my Summer break/holidays/vacation (whichever tickles your fancy) I’m hoping to remain focused on writing, writing & more writing!

I decided to keep this post short & sweet so that I can give you an update on what’s new & share an outfit I thought might be worth sharing.

Last time we spoke about my life was in my post ‘The Intern & The Attitude‘. During that time I was in the middle of doing a fashion internship with the UK’s leading gay lifestyle magazine, Attitude. I finished there a few weeks ago & plan to get the second half of what happened on the site soon, seeing as I have broken through that bastard wall! I have also finished my first year at college! I find out this coming Thursday whether or not I’ve made it onto the course’s second year *crosses fingers*. Recent activities have also include: Applying for Summer jobs & more internships; getting a tattoo (click here for a photo) & catching up with all my friends from my former school. Nothing extravagant but hey ho I’m still having a good time!

You may by now be wondering why I called this post ‘#SixtiesSaturdays’ yet haven’t mentioned neither the Sixties or a Saturday. I called it this because the most recent time I caught up with my friends was for a birthday party. Not just any party though! The dress code was Sixties’ Mods. Despite it being relatively quick & easy to piece together an outfit, I still had fun doing so. It almost gave me a different attitude to the way I wore the clothes? I may sound absolutely whack but it’s true! I really embraced the idea of being a Sixties child! And thanks to the wonderful Tasha over at littlel0velythings I’m able to share some photos of what we looked like!

I have to admit I kind of like this photo of myself? I am totally working my Mum’s parka
I love this photo of Tasha & I so much! It’s so good to spend time with her now that we don’t get to see much of each other anymore! *Sad face*
Tasha-amp-I-MODS-Close-UpI couldn’t miss this photo out – Reason being Tasha’s eye make-up! The Twiggy inspired look really makes Tasha’s eyes pop!
WERK-Yes, this photo is blurry but it makes it look older which is what we were all trying to do at a Sixties party, right?
If I think about it, I guess this is my first actual personal style post despite the fact I’m dressed up?
Aaaaanyway! I’ll leave you to have a gander at the photos while I make note of all the new ideas I’ve had for posts! If you would like me to do personal style posts, please let me know by either contacting me via email or social media channels or leave a comment below!
Have a good start to your week & I’ll catch you all later!
Shirt – Next
Tie – Next
Trousers – Taylor & Wright
Parka – Tu
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