10 #RichKid Life Lessons

Ahhh. The #RichKids Of Beverly Hills. E!’s newest reality tv show returned for its second season Sunday just gone & boy have I missed it (Judge me if you will)!


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Reported to have been inspired by the Tumblr blog ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram‘, #RKOBH follows the fabulous fabuluxe lives of six of Beverly Hills’ residents. Speaking of whom, I think it’s time I introduced you to the cast & why I wanted to write this post!

*For those of you who haven’t come across the word ‘fabuluxe’, it was coined by cast member Dorothy*

Starting with why this post is being written; Originally I just wanted to share with you all some of my favourite moments from the show but then realised that as crazy as this may sound to some of you; #RichKids of Beverly Hills kind of teaches you the techniques the stars of the show have used in order to build their social media following! It actually shows you ways in which to market either your personal brand, your blog, your business, e.t.c! This means I’ll be sharing snippets from the show that not only entertains but also teaches!

Anyway! Now that I’ve justified why I am sharing this with you, let’s meet the cast!

Starting with the self-proclaimed “Asian Sensation” herself, we have Dorothy Wang (mentioned above)! Daughter of self-made billionaire, Roger Wang, Dorothy used to spend her days being #Fabuluxe & #Funemployed (yep, you guessed it, another of Miss Wang’s word amalgamations), however during season 1 she began working at real estate company, The Agency. Her mentor, Brendan Fitzpatrick is also her friend & co-star!


Second we have Dorothy’s best friend! The beautiful, brainy blogger that is Morgan Stewart! Since starting her blog ‘Boobs & Loubs’ sharing her thoughts & moments in her life, Morgan has built a massive following that has lead to her covering events in the Big Apple for companies like Trendabl! If she isn’t blogging, she is either socialising, shopping, spending time with her boyfriend, Brendan & dog Baguette taking selfies, browsing through Instagram or working out! The blonde bombshell also starts her days just like myself; Waking up & checking Instagram! The show also sees her spending time with her boyfriend, Brendan & her dog Baguette.


Our next cast member is “Persian Princess” Roxy Sowlaty! When she isn’t shopping for herself & her four legged companion, Lychee Lou, Roxy can be found building her interior design business. During the first season we also see Roxy being cut off (financially) & how she adjusts to life with a smaller spending budget. When it comes to her furniture taste, Roxy & I are definitely on the same wavelength!

Instagram|Twitter|Website|Lychee Lou’s Instagram

As we move onto our next cast member we also reach the male stars of #RKOBH! The first being Jonny Drubel! After being noticed by well-known vocal coach, Seth Riggs, Jonny moved to Los Angeles to study with him. There he was encouraged to put pen to paper & write songs. A skill that Jonny quickly realised he possessed, he began penning lyrics that have gone on to be performed on MTV, VH1 & CBS! We’re having brunch next time he’s in London, so watch this space for a fabulous brunch post! 😉


Star number five is a cast member who has been recently been made one of the main cast! It is of course, Earvin ‘EJ’ Johnson III! Son of NBA legend Magic Johnson, EJ splits his time between filming #RKOBH in Los Angeles & studying Event Planning & Hospitality at New York University. EJ can usually be found adorned in fur, caftans & designer handbags!


Last but by no means least, we have Brendan Fitzpatrick! Mentioned earlier on in the post, luxury realtor, Brendan is usually seen with his girlfriend, Morgan & Baguette. At the age of 19, Brendan closed his first deal for over $10 Million! This then set a record for the highest sale made in the history of Brentwood Park! This Bel-Air has a massive passion for architecture & design.


So now that you know more about the cast, it’s time to move onto the 10 moments that we can learn from in order to live a fabuluxe life!

1. In today’s world, we should consider how good the “selfie lighting” is when purchasing property.

Selfie Lighting

2. The way to tell if tequila is good is to see if you can feel it in your uterus…


3. When you’re struggling with decisions, do as the #RichKids do:

Buy it all

4. When you’re drinking in a rush, who needs glasses?!

No time

5. When things haven’t gone your way, you’re allowed to have a moment.

It's not fair

6. If you really want to be a good friend, calming them like so never hurt:


7. China is home to a perfect selfie location:

Great Wall

8. Never be afraid to let out your inner fierceness!


9. When buying a new car, it’s important to pose with your other half in front of the car like it’s already yours:


10. Getting drunk does have some positive effects…

Drunk Linguistics

It made sense to conclude this post with some fashionable phone cases (here, here & here) seeing as selfies are so popular on #RKOBH – Enjoy!

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