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*Pulls out a feather duster, clears the cobwebs & cleans the site*

Hello my lovelies! Happy Halloween!! I’m finally back after being really busy & am now ready to get writing for you all!

I thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a short post. Just a simple thing to share with you all.

Since America’s Next Top Model, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Made in Chelsea (NY) & #RichKids of Beverly Hills has finished, I felt like there was nothing on T.V that we fashion & pop culture fans may find interesting. Well I was wrong… It turns out that in the next few weeks, we can expect several shows that look like they’ll keep us glued to our screens.

Starting with The Face USA. Last week, the show’s second season began airing over here in the UK & looks to be yet another fierce competition!

The Face - Season 2

The second option that may whet your appetite is, Fashion Bloggers! Starting on Tuesday 4th November at 8.30pm, the reality show gives viewers an insight into the lives of some of Australia’s most successful bloggers. Before checking out the show, why not check out the bloggers who star in it?

Amanda Shadforth|Oracle Fox   Zanita Whittington|Zanita

Sara Donaldson|Harper & Harley   Margaret Zhang|ShineByThree

Kate Waterhouse|KateWaterhouse.com

Fashion Bloggers on E!

Immediately after Fashion Bloggers is House of DVF! The show follows iconic fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenburg’s search for the new DVF girl. A group of contestants will work tirelessly competing against each other to prove that they should work for Diane Von Furstenburg. They will learn everything from designing to merchandising in a bid to stand out from the crowd. And in terms of when you can see this show, you will have to tune in on E! at 9pm (again, Tuesday 4th November.

House of DVF

Our final fabulous listing to curl up in front of the television for is, Kourtney & Khloé Take The Hamptons! The latest addition to the Kardashian’s TV domination follows Kourtney & Khloé as they open a D-A-S-H store on Jobs Lane in Southampton Village. Airing on E! you can catch the show on Sunday 9th November at 10pm!


I don’t know about you, but I shall definitely be tuning in for all of these shows! If anyone knows of any more fashion/pop culture shows that are either airing right now or are soon to be airing, please feel free to share them via commenting on this post, emailing me or through my social media channels!

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