Booze, Booty & Breaking The Internet

From bootylicious VMA performances to the twerk-tastic ‘Anaconda’ music video, 2014 has most definitely been the year of the rear. You can’t deny it.


With all this bum on the brain, it’s no wonder that New York City based magazine, Paper, have decided to celebrate this. How have they done this I hear you ask? Well, baring some behind on the cover of course!

The mission for their Winter issue was to ‘break the internet’ & so have enlisted the help of pop-culture icon, Kim Kardashian West to help achieve this. If anyone can garner attention, it’s Kim; all she has to do is show her face & she has a flock of paparazzi snapping her every step!

To capture the magic was photographer, Jean-Paul Goude. He was brought in as the concept was to put Kim’s most famous asset to work, recreating Goude’s iconic image ‘Champagne Incident‘ & snapping a seductive second cover.

Behold; the backside!

Kim KW Paper Winter 14 1

Kim KW Paper Winter 14 2(Copyright of the above images belongs to Paper)

I don’t know about you all but I am LOVING the covers! I’m also loving what Kim had to say about the photos:

What do you think? Feel free to let me know via comment, email or through social media! And make sure you get yourself a copy of the issue available Thursday!

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