A ‘Selfish’ Cover Girl

Does anybody remember last August when Kim Kardashian-West announced she was working on a book comprised purely of her selfies? Of course you do!

Well yesterday she shared, with the world, the book’s cover! No prizes for guessing what it was… Yes, that’s right, another selfie. We’re not complaining though!

Kim Kardashian Selfish Front CoverCopyright of the above image belongs to Kim Kardashian-West

The sultry shot was proceeded by thank you messages on her social media channels.

Wearing a nude colour bra, a towel wrapped around her waist, makeup and working wet hair, Kim has said that the selfies in the 352 page book will be previously unseen.

Costing $19.95 (around £13.20) Kim’s book, titled Selfish, will be available to purchase this Spring.

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