Where Was I?

Okay, so this post is literally just a mish-mash of things swirling round in my head. Apologies for being AFK for ages now, I know it’s not necessarily an excuse but I literally have had loads going on.

Starting with college, I have been hard at work on our fashion buying unit and our VM & Display Show unit. For buying we’ve had report after report and for the VM & Display Show unit I’ve done so much research, it is now coming out of my ears… Not literally but you get me right? It doesn’t seem much but this is what has been eating up most of my time.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it but I also a wrote for online magazine, SANT so have been busy devising article ideas for them – it was published earlier this month; check it out! *Wow I sound like such a dick, sorry!* I’ve also┬árecently began working with my first personal styling client so that has again been eating up time (I’m not complaining though).

In all honesty, I’m going to throw my hands in the air an openly disclaim that I’ve struggled to write posts for Oh So Jack as of recent. I’d get an idea for a post, make a note of it and then when I sit down to actually write it, I stare blankly at the screen hoping it will just come to me but nope. Regardless, I am here now, sitting, writing, getting my mojo back!

Going back to the personal styling, thanks to my client I acquired a Fendi Bag Bug *love-heart eyed emoji* (I’ve been wanting one since they were released) and I attended a private showing of the Christian Louboutin Men’s S/S15 collection at their Dover Street boutique, so thank you/shoutout to my client!

While I didn’t get many photos of the event (my bad), I did manage to snap my favourite pair from the collection! You can find the Bag Bug here and the Louboutin shoes here. *For some unknown reason, embedding the pictures into this post was not working..?*

Urgh, aren’t the both just gorgeous!? The event was truly wonderful and so for that I want to thank the Louboutin team over at Dover Street! I was gutted that I didn’t win the draw (the winner gets a pair of shoes for free) but nonetheless, it was a really great event and being asked my advice on four pairs of shoes by this lovely gentleman topped the night off!

The last thing I want to mention is how excited I am to hear that Erin O’Connor has returned to modelling! She made her return starting with the Marc Jacobs show at NYFW and as the cover star for the limited edition of Hunger Magazine Issue 8!

Hunger08_withoutcoverlines_Erin-588x766(Copyright of the above images belong to Hunger Magazine)

As cringe as it is to say, this post has genuinely helped. I feel like I’ve broken through that wall that I’d reached.

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