Farah’s Spring, Summer and Sportswear

Oh how I’ve missed you Spring. The novelty of Winter wore off thanks to the bleak and bone-chilling weather.

On a lighter note, I hope that any of you reading are well. I’ve been so excited to share this post with you, as for a while now I’ve wanted to begin doing personal style posts on Oh So Jack! It was in fact my original plan for the blog.

The timing for this new path has been perfect, as I was contacted by the lovely Felix from Surgery PR about whether I’d be interested in shooting pieces from the new Spring/Summer collection as well as the new sportswear collection by Farah. I knew first-hand how stylish Farah’s pieces can be (I handled the samples back during my Attitude internship), so naturally accepted.

Upon the arrival of the samples, I immediately began picking pieces from my own wardrobe to style with the Farah samples. To be completely honest, I don’t own much sportswear and this is for one reason: Since leaving Sixth Form, I don’t do much sport (I was the child who was reluctant to participate in P.E lessons, leading me to being one of the last to be picked for teams). I digress…

When it came to shooting the pieces (photo shoot wise, no violence here!) I focussed on styling the Farah pieces to how I would wear them and what I’d wear them with, all while playing the roles of creative director, stylist, model and photographer. If anything, this gave me another load of respect for the personal style bloggers who don’t have photographer boyfriends/photographer friends! I understood they had more of a challenge to snap their outfits, but it wasn’t until I did it myself that I truly realised! Again, I digress…

IMG_0141 - EditedIMG_0142 - EditedFarah Jacket | Farah T-Shirt | Ray-Ban ‘Justin’ Sunglasses | Topman Jeans | Converse White High Tops

IMG_0113 - Edited

IMG_0109 - EditedFarah Jacket | Topman T-Shirt (worn under jacket) | Topman Tracksuit Joggers | Converse High Tops

IMG_0103 - Edited

IMG_0095 - Edited

Farah Shorts (similar here) | Ray-Ban ‘Justin’ Sunglasses | Topman T-Shirt | Topman Jacket | Converse High Tops

Drawing inspiration from urban architecture and cityscapes, the Farah sportswear college embodies the term ‘sports luxe’. The fabrics used to create the pieces not only look stylish but they also move with the body, reducing the restriction of movement. I love that the Farah logo detailing on the pieces isn’t in your face. It’s small and subtle. For someone who – as I mentioned earlier – doesn’t do too much sport, I found the garments to be extremely comfortable.

What do you guys think? Would you bring the sports luxe look to your wardrobe?

P.S – I’d like to say a massive thank you to Felix, the team at Surgery PR and Farah, it’s been a pleasure to work with you! Also, apologies for the photography, I’m still learning the ropes!

Photography by Jack Bradley

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