Guest Post: The Matching Formal Wear With Your Girl

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Today, I bring you the second guest post for Oh So Jack, written by the lovely Gabriella Diesendorf! If you enjoy the piece, you can find more of her work on her Twitter, here!


You are about to attend a formal event with your girl and you are at your wits end trying to find an outfit which matches your girl’s? Do not worry! There are two basic things you should pay attention to: a level of formality and a colour of your suit.

Matching the levels of formality

We should start from the beginning. Matching your formal wear means that you, as men, should wear something which matches the level of formality of your girl’s dress. What does it mean? If your girl wears a white tie dress code, you should wear it also. Ok, but what is a white tie dress code? Do not worry, we will all explain to you in no time.

Levels of formality: white tie

A white tie is the most formal dress code both for women and men. For men, there are two options depending on the period of the day. For daytimes, men should choose a morning dress with a tailcoat and a vest. For night, it means that you should choose a white tie. Women, on the other hand should choose elegant full length gowns as their white tie dress code. Where would you wear a white tie dress code? For very very formal events such as diplomatic events and award ceremonies. Even though you may not attend these kind of events, mentioning of white tie is important because you should not wear this dress code at weddings, proms or similar events.

Pragmatically speaking, if your girl wears a full length gown in any colour, your white tie dress code should consist of a black tailcoat jacket, full white waistcoat, wing-tipped collared dress shirt and a self-tied white bow tie. As you can see, this dress code is strict and there are no variations.

Cream Long Dress(Copyright of the above image belongs to Hello Molly Fashion)

Top Hat and Tail Coat
(Copyright of the above image belongs to Perpetual Vogue)

Levels of formality: black tie

A black tie dress code is less formal than a white tie. But it is still formal. This dress code is usually worn at cocktail parties, weddings, proms and so on. For the evening, man should wear tuxedos and for daytimes, strollers are a good option. When should you wear a black tie? If your girl wears an elegant dress (not necessarily a full length gown), you should choose a black tie dress code.

To put it in a context, a black two piece wool tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie is what you should wear if, for example, your girl is wearing an elegant black midi dress.

Levels of formality: business dress code

You are about to attend a business meeting with your girl? What should you wear? If your girl wears an elegant blazer and a skirt, it is the sign you should wear a business dress code. A business dress code for men includes a matched suit and a tie. Black, grey and dark brown suits are all acceptable.

Men's Dress Code(Copyright of the above image belongs to My Image Expert)

Let’s assume your girl is wearing a skirt, a shirt and a blazer. What will you wear? The recommendation goes to a navy blue wool suit, a white dress shirt and a tie in the colour similar to the colour of your suit. The colour of the tie should ideally be a bit lighter or darker than the colour of the suit.

Matching colour

You got the level of formality right. But what about the colour? The best option is to know what colour of the dress your girl has chosen and try to pair it with your outfit. However, the easiest option is to choose your suit in neutral colours such as black, white or grey. You can have a tie or a bowtie in the same colour as your suit or you can match them with the colour of your girls’ dress. For formal wear, the easiest option is wearing a white dress shirt no matter what colour of the suit you choose.

To exemplify this, let assume your girl is wearing a red dress. In this case, the recommendation goes to a light grey wool suit with a white dress shirt and a dark red tie.

Optional: corsage

If you want to buy a corsage, you should also pay attention to its colour. If you know the colour of the dress your girl is wearing, it is a piece of cake. Choose a corsage which is similar to her dress. On the other hand, if you do not know the colour of the dress, the simplest way is to choose a white corsage.

Do you agree that matching outfits is not difficult as it seemed at the beginning? Pay attention to two things: a level of formality and a colour. And you can’t go wrong!

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