Meet The Blogger: Lauren from Into The Woods

Here we are! After a long time, I now bring you another ‘Meet The Blogger’ post! This time round, we have the über lovely Lauren from Into The Woods. Having only been on the blogging scene since October 2014, Lauren has already jumped right in writing about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and on top of this, attending press days!

Below you can find Lauren’s interview, her photo and blog’s logo.


Into The Woods Logo

*Lauren’s answers are in bold italics*

Hello Lauren! First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking part in the Oh So Jack ‘Meet The Blogger’ feature!

If you’re ready, let’s begin!

“Heyy! it’s not a problem, THANK YOU for asking me! 🙂 yes, lets go..!”

1. What inspired you to create Into The Woods?

“I have always loved fashion and style and I also studied it at college and moving onto study design & marketing at Uni I am always surrounded by fashion and style- it’s kinda my life! Also, my family and friends often commented on what I was wearing and how they liked it so I thought why not share my thoughts, outfits and ideas with others on a blog and see where it goes! And as I have recently moved to London for a while it was the perfect location to start and still be inspired for when I go back home up North!”

2. How did you come up with the name Into The Woods?

“My name is Lauren Woods so mostly from that (very original haha!) But also at college we had to create a brand and a collection and I was inspired by the outdoors and nature so linking it to my name ‘Into the Woods’ was born and just kind stuck with me so I used it for my blog! P.s I also thought of it long before the film came out Haha!”

3. Since creating your blog, what have you found to be your favourite part of the blogging experience?

“Well, currently I am interning at a PR company that has a fabulous social media team and through the digital girls I have already been able to focus on and feature a wide variety of brands as well as meeting loads of lovely bloggers from all over, so meeting new people has been a favourite! As well as seeing my blog grow and people liking or commenting such lovely things is a brilliant experience and so nice to see!”

4. What have you found to be your biggest achievement as a blogger?

“As I am a fairly new blogger and I’m working on just creating lovely content so I haven’t had my ‘achievements’ as such so far but I am in talks with an up and coming brand and working alongside them so if all goes well that will be a huge achievement for me! But every comment or like I feel is an achievement I get a little buzz when I get a new notification (hehe, is that normal? :)). And also THIS! Being asked to do this interview and is definitely something I am proud of for sure.”

5. What have you found to be your biggest challenge as a blogger?

“Creating new content everyday and keeping on top of posting! As I work quite a lot I find it hard to keep on top of things. But I’m sure as time goes on this will be easier and I will find a little system to keep up to date!”

6. Now, moving onto more about yourself, what are you favourite fashion/lifestyle magazines?

“Oh gosh there’s just so many I love, this is a hard question!! Well my favourite lifestyle magazines are definitely Kinfolk and Oh Comely- I absolutely love the layouts and the gorgeous collection of imagery they use. Both are just such a lovely, easy read as well as being packed with inspiration for pretty much everything! (especially food!) And fashion magazines I will pretty much pick up anything and read it! My absolute favourite was Lula however I am loving Wonderland magazine at the moment.”

7. How would you describe your sense of style?

“Hmm, this also tricky as I think I change depending on how I’m feeling and don’t think I have a specific ‘style’ but I do love loose fitting pieces such as culottes and wide leg trousers and smock dresses. I suppose I have kind of a preppy with a mix of clean style. I don’t know really!”

8. Who inspires you?

“The Olsen twins- they always have and always will!! When I was younger it was all about trying my best to be like the girls in ‘Two of a Kind’ then their films and ‘So little time’ (kinda cringe thinking about it now- oops!!). And now I am always keeping an eye on their style and how they mix layers and fabrics to come out with some of the most amazing outfits without looking like they haven’t spent hours trying things on and changing their mind’s- which is what I do nearly everyday! Also The Row is just amazing and always is my favourite collection every season.”

9. What is your dream job?

“I wish I knew! Like I said I’m interning at a pr company at the moment and it has really helped clear up some of the questions I had regarding what I would like to do. But I really don’t know- I’m hoping to just see what opportunities arise by the time I’ve finished Uni and just go from there (who needs a plan!?)”

10. If you were given the chance, where in the world would you go?

“I would love to visit all of the little European cities and take in all of the culture from the beautiful historical architecture to the food! Mmmm… :)”

11. Out of the items you own, which is your favourite:

  • Piece of clothing?
  • Pair of shoes?
  • Acessory?

“This changes alllll the time! At the moment my favourite piece of clothing is a pair of beigey natural culottes from Asos but are Mango- they are the comfiest thing I have ever worn and go with pretty much anything! At the minute I am loving my snakeskin peep toe heels from Missguided they are so comfy and I can wear them all day. And Accessory- I have a rose gold coin necklace that I received as a gift for Christmas and I wear that everyday no matter what- I absolutely love it and means quite a lot!”

12. And finally, what advice would you give to those who would like to start their own blog?

“Just do it! I’m having a brilliant time and what could go wrong?! Everyone has their own style so embrace yours and share it :)”

Once again Lauren, a massive thank you for taking the time to complete this interview! J

“Not a problem! I had fun answering the questions! 🙂 THANKS AGAIN xx”

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