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So a few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Shannon from over at Oiler & Boiler asking if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their underwear. I don’t often see bloggers discuss underwear so thought it would be a nice change to talk about what’s under the clothes we wear. *We will not be discussing my body in explicit detail don’t worry*

I must admit that once I received the underwear, the thought that the photos would have to show more than usual daunted me slightly. While I’m not embarrassed of my body, I’m still no Adonis. Life would be no fun without risks sometimes I guess?

IMG_0557 - CopyIMG_0562 - Copy

I opted for the ‘Nantucket 3PK Pastel’ which retails at £26.99. My initial thoughts were that the boxers had a playful look about them which I put down to the colour scheme (the other colours are further down the post). The fabric is soft and has some give; a definite pro in my opinion as that works with the active lifestyle a large amount of men lead.

The underwear is comfortable on (another pro of the fabric – 95% cotton, 5% elastane) and unlike some underwear of similar styles also available, Oiler & Boiler’s fits everywhere as opposed to just on the rear or just the crotch or just the thighs (HALLELUJAH).

IMG_0591 - CopyIMG_0568 - Copy

Even though I chose pairs with bright colours, I still feel that the boxers have a simplistic design which I love. The seams being in an alternate colour add a great finish to the product.

Some of you may think “well how can I trust that these pairs of underwear do their job and are practical?” and my response to that is do not worry as I tested their durability out for you – I’m really kind like that you know. The tests comprised of walking, running, squats, lunges and stretches (I know that picturing me doing that in just a pair of boxers may scar you and so for that I apologise…)

IMG_0582 - CopyIMG_0576 - Copy

In the days that I’ve had the underwear, I’ve found them to be worth their price and can tell you now that they will definitely be worn beyond this review!

Fit – 5 | Quality – 5 | Durability – 5 | Comfort – 5 | Price – 5 | Practicality – 5

Jeans (worn throughout) – Topman

I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to get in contact in the comments below, by e-mail or social media – whichever you prefer!

Photography by Jack Bradley

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