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Happy Belated Halloween to you all! I hope you had a great time and weren’t too hungover the next day!

I’m going to kick off by thanking Shannon at Charlie McLeod for making this possible, I’m very grateful you reached out to me!

So, we’re now in November. What does this mean for the way we live? Shops getting busier as people start Christmas shopping; outside getting darker far too quickly; Christmas being a month/month and few weeks away (YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!) and of course the weather getting colder…

While I absolutely love bringing out jumpers, coats and more layers, the bitter cold is still such a miserable thing to encounter. Since moving into halls I am dreading the cold nights even more so thinking of how cold it will get *shivers*. As you can imagine, it was like an HALLELUJAH moment when Shannon’s e-mail came through asking if I’d be interested in reviewing one of the Charlie McLeod products (talk about perfect timing). I opted for the ‘Fire Ash Grey Onesie’ as I thought it would be a welcome change to talk about a loungewear item and because it looked too cosy to pass up!

IMG_0702 My initial thoughts of the onesie were that it looked comfortable; the grey was a relaxed colour that is by no means in your face and the pockets made carrying your phone round with you easier. *I’m not as lazy as that sounded! It’s just irritating sometimes when you get on with your day in a onesie and can’t keep your phone on you without holding it, i.e cooking*

The Charlie McLeod onesie is incredibly comfy and the fabric feels uber soft! This is most likely to be partially down to the cotton, polyester combination that makes it up.


Design-wise, I am in love every aspect of this onesie! I love all the pockets and the neutrality of the grey! There are everyday pockets; one on the right that is more tailored to a phone and one on each outer thigh with zips (never thought I’d be so happy to see a pocket). They are easily accessible which makes life a lot easier when trying to get to whatever you’ve stored on your person. I also found the embroiled detail on the shoulder and thumb holes in the cuffs to be a cool addition too!


For the purpose of this review, I made sure to spend time in the onesie (what a chore haha…). While I was in a cosy, cottony bliss, I completed coursework, housework, daily Instagram time and some Netflix and chilling (in the literal sense), just to ensure that this onesie is fit for purpose and I am pleased to say that it is!


Since reviewing the Charlie McLeod onesie, I personally found it to be worth £44.95 price tag, and having looked at other onesie brands, have noticed it is priced at a reasonable price sitting in the middle of the price point range. With this being said, I could however see how some students/potential customers may not be in a position to spend the above figure on a onesie.

Fit – 5 | Quality – 5 | Durability – 5 | Comfort – 5 | Price – 4 | Practicality – 5

P.S. – It comes with a drawstring bag too, cute right?!

Massive thank you to the @charliemcleod1z team for the onesie! All set for the chilled evenings now! 😄❄

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Photography by Millie Parnell and Jack Bradley

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