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Hey all! I’m now back from the wave of illness, start of second semester and newly obtained projects to bring you the latest addition to the ‘Meet The Blogger’ series! This time round, I have interviewed the lovely Jonathan Weber from TheJweber. Despite only launching his blog back in November 2015, Jonathan has already gone down a storm gaining himself an ever-growing readership and Instagram following! If you’re ready, let’s get to know our blogger better!


*Jonathan’s answers are in bold italics*

Hello Jonathan! First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking part in the Oh So Jack ‘Meet The Blogger’ feature!

If you’re ready, let’s begin!

What inspired you to create TheJweber?

Fashion, lifestyle and travel have always been my major interests, and I was looking for a platform where I could share these interests with the world. Browsing my Instagram feed has inspired me to create TheJweber. I found a lot of men’s style and lifestyle accounts that were quite popular, yet not enough blogs/accounts that were matching my personal style.

How did you come up with the name TheJweber?

Actually, one of my best friends came up with the name. He once told me that my Instagram account is quite successful, but the name wasn’t “sexy” enough (it was jonathanweber14). After a while he suggested “TheJweber”, and I knew immediately that it would be the perfect name for me.

Since creating your blog, what have you found to be your favourite part of the blogging experience?

My favourite part of the blogging experience would be coming up with new ideas for the blog. I always look for the recent trends, and search for inspiration in fashion and lifestyle magazines. I find this experience so amazing, since I’m always able to find new bloggers to be inspired by, and I’m constantly learning and being revealed to new things.

What have you found to be your bigger achievement as a blogger?

Since the blog is still very new (it was launched in November), most of my achievements haven’t been revealed yet. I can say that there are some big brands that I’m currently in touch with, but I can’t talk about it just yet. 😉


What have you found to be your biggest challenge as a blogger?

My biggest challenge as a blogger is to attract the Israeli men to my blog. Since my blog is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, it is very important to attract a stable base of local readers. Unfortunately, men’s style and lifestyle are not as popular in Israel as they are in Europe and the United States, which I’m hoping would change.

Now, moving onto more about you, what are your interests and hobbies?

My main hobbies are photography and music (especially singing Jazz).  My high school major was music, which included singing and studying about jazz. For me, jazz music represents that cool, effortless, timeless and elegant style I adore so much. Another major interest of mine is contemporary art. My favourite artists are Damien Hirst and Mark Rothko.

What are your favourite fashion/lifestyle magazines?

My favourite magazines are Wallpaper and Condé Nast Traveller.

How would you describe your sense of style?

Effortless and classic.


Who inspires you?

I can’t point on one specific person that inspires me. I think that every person that I’ve ever met inspired me in one way or another. Almost every person I’ve met had driven me to do something or create something. I know it sounds a little cliché, but I honestly think that way.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would definitely be something that involves aesthetics and visuals.

If you were given the chance, where in the world would you go?

Japan. The culture there is so unique and fascinating to me. I would love to be exposed to their way of living, fashion and manners. And of-course, I would like to see all the important temples and venues.

Out of the items you own, What is your favourite:
Piece of clothing?

My favourite piece of clothing is a black Kenzo sweater with an eye print on it, I just love the colors and the eye print is so edgy and cool.

Pair of shoes?

Black suede shoes by Tod’s.


A Black Louis Vuitton travel wallet that my dad got me for my birthday.


And finally, what advice would you give to those who would like to start their own blog?

Stay true to your own style and vision. Don’t adjust yourself to trends and brands only because they are popular. Writing a blog is a wonderful thing, and if you consider starting one make sure to stand-out and show your readers the real you, if you’ll do that, more people will find your blog interesting and worth reading.

Once again Jonathan, I’d like to thank Jonathan for taking part in the ‘Meet The Blogger’ feature! Make sure to check out Jonathan’s Instagram to see all things TheJweber!

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