Fit for Friday with T.M.Lewin

Fit For Friday

(Copyright of the above images belongs to T.M.Lewin)
Blazer – T.M.Lewin | Shirt – T.M.Lewin | Trousers – T.M.Lewin | Shoes – T.M.Lewin | Scarf – T.M.Lewin | Pocket Square – T.M.Lewin

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve teamed up with renowned business-wear brand, T.M.Lewin, today to bring you a ‘Fit for Friday’ style board! I was set the challenge of styling up an outfit that was versatile and appropriate for the office and post-work drinks and the above collage is what I put together!

In true Jack style, I decided to go for a minimalistic yet sophisticated direction. You can’t go wrong with a monochromatic colour palette and they’re such chic and professional looking colours. Piecing the formal trousers together with the shirt and shoes looked appropriate for the office, however I felt by adding the scarf, blazer and pocket square it just lifted the outfit.

From reading the compositions of the garments, I can tell the quality is definitely not lacking in this outfit. The fabrics range from silk to merino wool and leather to premium cotton. This quality carries over into T.M.Lewin’s suits, which you can find here.

Now… Anyone for a drink?

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