Inflatable Dreams

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How cute is this installation?! This visual feast is to celebrate the collaboration between Moschino creative director, Jeremy Scott and Brazilian footwear brand, Melissa. Taking place in their King Street, flagship store, Melissa are the hosts of this blue lagoon of inflatables.

Discovered by accident while taking a detour in Covent Garden, Tasha and I were drawn in straight away by the playful sound of the installation. We had literally no idea what to expect but like a moth to a flame, continued gravitating towards it.

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No matter how many times we would look back this display, we just couldn’t stop getting hyped by it. There is such a fun, Summer-y energy about it. Anyone for swims and Pimms?

Rhymes aside… Tasha and I descended the stairs, further into the store, eagerly anticipated what awaited us next.



Low and behold an bath/swimming/paddling pool-like ball-pit! Of course, any visitor laying eyes on the spectacle – myself and Tasha include – instantly regressed, beaming at the prospect of gliding down the slide into the hues of blue.

Naturally – like the big kids we are – Tasha and I were straight in there, laughing like we have no worry in the world, taking selfies with balls in our faces (ball-pit balls!) and concealing ourselves amongst the plastic. We also just lay there, staring up at the projection on the ceiling.

If you’re in London in the near future, make sure to check the installation out! It was such a great laugh and really visually fun!

If you’re interested in the shoes you saw in the display up at the top of this post, feel free to shop them here! If you fancy finding out more about the collaboration, click here and if you fancy watching my day in London with Tasha, feel free to watch the video below!

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