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Jacket – Zara | T-Shirt – New Look | Jeans – Topman | Shoes – Nike | Bracelets – McQ Alexander McQueen, Pandora

So today I’m feeling quite 90’s and dared to wear double denim. I also opted for double grey to balance it out. I also have to stress how amazing the Nike Roshe Run shoes are!! I’m no athlete but they are so comfy and are so easy to style into an outfit!

I absolutely love denim as you may notice from my jean-heavy style posts here on Oh So Jack, so I figured why not go for it?! I’m very aware of how disastrous it can look when it’s not styled right. I personally think it looks great when one of the denim items you’re wearing are more fitted than the other, thus changing the look ever so slightly. This can also apply colour-wise too.

Different people wear double denim differently, so I’ve spoken to Leslie Doherty – the director of Glasgow based shop, Fat Buddha Store – to share his opinion of how to style double denim with you all;

“Double denim needs a bit of thought put into it unless you want to look like a 50’s Mark Lamarr throw-back.

If I ever do a double denim, it will be an old battered pair of Edwin Selvedge denim, my denim of choice is the trusty Edwin Nashville denim, I have about 6 pairs I wear in rotation, all different ages and all have a different look I will couple this with a crisp blue denim jacket, this combo works really well. Sometimes instead of the jacket I’ll throw in a Edwin denim shirt, I picked up a great shirt they done in collaboration with a Paris motorbike workshop called Blitz motorcycles.

Very occasionally, if the denim jeans are new and crisp I’ll wear it with an old LEE 101 vintage trucker jacket, the old v new composition seems to work well.

When wearing a pair of denim, nothing looks better then wearing a pair of handmade brogues, I have a few pair of Loake, made in England shoes, a bit pricey, but they will last 20 years easy, and if they get worn, I can send them back to get re-soled. Think of the complete outfit, a nice vintage style leather bag, new woven belt, stick to quality accessories.”

How do you wear double denim? Let me know either via commenting below, social media or an e-mail!

Photography by Amber Merry

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