Happy Saturday! I know, it’s weird to here that as I don’t normally post until tomorrow, but there’s nothing wrong with spicing things up once in a while, right?

I’m here today to bring you a magazine created by some of my friends here in the blogosphere. Launched by Franquoh & Franchomme, the founders and editors of Attire Club, in December 2015, InCompany is their newest venture.

The pages are filled with fashion, style, interesting interviews with figures within the fashion industry, travel and more!

Helmed by Iosif Trif, InCompany‘s articles are well written, informing and well researched. The magazine’s design and layout is visually appealing and that of a high-end aesthetic.

The publication’s imagery too, is of a high quality and evokes the luxe feel of the magazine.

IMG_0819 copy
One of the many points that I love about InCompany is that there are many articles throughout the issue that are guides on different things, for example, how to select a tie that suits you and how to match that tie to a particular shirt and points to consider when choosing accessories.

IMG_0829 copy

You’ll also find information on Attire Club‘s web documentary ‘We Are Fashion’ within the issue (if interested, check it out here). Oh, and bonus points if you spot yours truly! 😉

P.S. – Thank you to Fraquoh & Franchomme for sending over a copy of the magazine and once again, for selecting me to be part of the ‘We Are Fashion’ documentary!

P.S.S. – If you’d like to purchase InCompany’s inaugural issue, click here!

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