Instagram Sundays: Donatella Versace

Instagram Sundays

I’m nearing twenty and whilst I’m crazy excited, I’m freaking out a bit. What excuse do I hide behind now haha? “I’m only a teenager” just isn’t going to work after next Thursday?

Talking of May babies, today I’d like to talk about a fellow one. It is the one and only, Donatella Versace.

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For those who, for whatever reason aren’t aware of her, Donatella Versace is the chief designer of Italian fashion house, Versace, and is the correct vice president of the Versace Group.

Creating bold, vibrant and alluring clothing, Donatella designs collections with the aim of making those who wear them feel empowered and sexy. When it comes to her Instagram, there’s behind-the-scenes shots of campaigns and catwalk shows, photos of her beloved dog, Audrey, and fabulous videos letting us know where she’s off to next. Donatella’s Instagram profile is perfect for those wanting to stay up to date on all things Versace!

Check out the examples below for an idea of what to expect from Donatella!

Instagram Sundays- Donatella Versace
(Copyright of the above images belongs to @donatella_versace)

Top (L-R): Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4
Bottom (L-R): Post 5, Post 6, Post 7

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