19 going on 20





Jacket – Topman | T-Shirt – Voi Jeans (similar here) | Chinos – Topman | Boots – KG Kurt Geiger (similar here) | Watch – Emporio Armani

T minus 24 hours until I leave my adolescent years! This is actually quite a scary thought. I’m so used to being called a teenager or even referring to myself as a teen. Is it possible to haveĀ a fifth-of-a-life crisis?…

Age related freak outs aside – for now – I thought I’d do an outfit that’s suitable for nearly every occasion. Birthdays, work, after work, days off, days out, pretty much anything excluding a black tie event obviously…

This bomber jacket will stay in my wardrobe until the day it disintegrates off my body, because it’s so bloody versatile! The same goes for these chinos. This is what I look for in items for my wardrobe these days, especially as I’m planning on doing a Spring clean of my wardrobe in the coming days/weeks. I’m pretty sure I may have already mentioned buying items partially because of their versatility? In which case, if I have, I’m sorry. It’s the old age…

Right, I’ll catch you guys Sunday when I’ve settled into life as a twenty year old!

Photography by Amber Merry

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