Barmy for Balm


It’s coming people! That’s right, it’s t minus three days until the main day of Pride in London takes place and will play host to thousands pouring into the streets of the captial to celebrate the LGBT+ community!

In light of what has happened in the last few weeks, it really feels as if this year’s Pride is going to be an important one. One where everybody really does come together – not just in the sense of standing next to each other and having a great time – but really remembering why we are there.

Speaking of pride, it’s something I like to have when it comes to how I look. Whether this be with my outfit, my body, or my face. There’s nothing better than looking great and feeling great (although a Chanel bag never hurt).

I’m not sure about yourselves, but when it comes to shaving my skin’s sensitivity really comes out to ruin my day play. We are talking blotchy redness, tender and sore. Thankfully, Nivea have provided a nectar of the gods to combat my skin’s irritation!

The post shave balm is formulated with Chamomile and Vitamin E, which are responsible for the gentle and soothing effects. The balm also prevents the skin from drying out post-shave.

In the time that I have used the Nivea Post Shave Balm, I have found it to work wonders. The stinging sensation left from shaving is vanquished and the redness seems to disappear quicker.

Those interested in make-up will probably also like to know that it is being heralded as effective as primer and costs a fraction of the price (£5.35 per 100ml to be exact)! Don’t believe me? Ask NikkieTutorials.

 Available at: Nivea, Boots, Superdrug

P.S. – If you see me at Pride, don’t hesitate to say hi! 🙂

Photography by Millie Bradley

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