Suited for Summer


Don’t you just love a tailored piece of clothing? I sure as hell do!

Amongst this Brexit mess, fashion is one thing that can help those escape and become distracted. One brand shining through this political storm, is Noose & Monkey.


Always looking at both sides of the story, the brand’s garments encourage us to ask who the guy, wearing the items, is and what does he want us to think/know about him?


A twisted take on traditional tailoring, Noose & Monkey offer garments for the gentleman who prefers subtlety and garments for the gentleman who’s personality is as outgoing as his sartorial choices.


Blue velvet? Got it! Floral suits? All yours! Bold hues? Way ahead of you! You’ll also find intricate details such as lapel pins and concealed linings, covered in skull prints.


(Copyright of the above imagery belongs to Noose & Monkey)

Enticed by the brand’s Spring/Summer collection for this year? I know I am! Why not check out the whole lookbook and their new arrivals?

What’s your vibe? Loud and patterned, or subtle yet sophisticated?

P.S. – Thank you to the team for reaching out to me and allowing me to be part of the project!

Noose & Monkey Website | Noose & Monkey Instagram

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