Bye Burnout, Bye!


Shirt – Label J by Jacamo* | T-Shirt – Topman | Jeans – Topman | Shoes – Converse | Bracelets – McQ Alexander McQueen, Pandora

Burnout is real, folks. The constant feeling of exhaustion and reluctance to do anything sucks. The only thing to do? Combat it.

Much like Summer last year, I work seven days a week. The differences this time? I’ve got to earn enough money to cover rent for my new accommodation and my trip to California. The juggling of a Monday to Friday job, a Saturday to Sunday job and keeping Oh So Jack updated with new content was fine at first, but then I dropped the ball. My motivation plummeted and I found that trying to find the time to shoot outfits and write posts for the blog became difficult.

Breaking through that wall is tough. Whether it’s finding energy and time to do anything, pushing yourself physically, you can do it. I pushed through mine by reclaiming my weekends, seeing friends and getting back on track with the blog. It felt so good to get back to shooting outfits and wandering through the nearby fields for this post with Tasha by my side. Playing it cool by layering the check shirt over a plain t-shirt, I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in.

To wrap this post up, I just want to let you all know that regular posting schedules will resume and I apologise for the disruption in this service. *despairs at the train announcement likeness in that PSA*

P.S. – If you’ve made it to this part of the post, thank you for putting up with the droning and the camp counsellor talk! 🙂

Photography by Natasha Jones

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