Instagram Sundays: Beyoncé

Instagram Sundays

We’re back!! 🎉

That’s right! After this long break, I’m back to bringing you Instagram profiles to peruse on the afternoons before the new working week! It feels awesome to be back and I just want to outline why the lapse in blogging occurred.

So as you know from my last post, I started working seven days a week in May to earn enough money to cover the rent for my new term-time accommodation and my trip to California.

At the end of June I took my weekends back and headed to London Pride (as mentioned in ‘Barmy for Balm‘. The following weekend I headed to Wembley Stadium to be blown away into another world by BeyoncĂ©. Words cannot even explain how incredible she is live! And the way she held a note whilst slipping and losing balance!? I die.

Fan-girling aside, it only felt right to pick up where I left of with Instagram Sundays and have this week’s spotlight on Queen B.

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Right now is a busy time for BeyoncĂ© as I’m sure you know, because she’s currently shutting it down globally with the Formation World Tour.

If for whatever reason you are unable to go, you can stay updated with tour looks and stills from the shows over on B’s Instagram. Whilst there, you’ll also find behind the scenes shots, selfies, style shots and candid Carter family moments.

Now. Grab your hot sauce, your bag and get reckless in your Givenchy dress!

Instagram Sundays- Beyoncé
(Copyright of the above images belong to @beyonce)

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