Wrangling Summer

1947. The year Wrangler was founded and sought to create best-possible denim jeans, jackets and cowboy shirts for the needs of those wearing it. They were, and still are to this day, inspired by real-life experiences.

Being ‘Born Ready’ for whatever life throws your way, Wrangler jeans have features, designed to improve their functionality. Try flat rivets, watch pockets and seven belt loops.

It should also be noted that Wrangler explore and experiment with initiatives such as jeans that have resistance to the rain and jeans that keep you warmer against the cold than most other denim pieces.

The broken-twill fabric that Wrangler invented in 1964 is as much the backbone of their products now as it was in the past, in order to nurture the heritage they’ve crafted over the years and to maintain the high-quality of their product.

Wrangler Denim(Copyright of the images used in the collage belong to Wrangler)

I’ve teamed up with Wrangler to bring you some key pieces, perfect to see you through the rest of Summer. I’ve chosen the pieces you can see in the above collage for their versatility, practicality and because I can’t ever see the need to stop adding denim to a wardrobe!

Jeans will always be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, no matter what anyone says! They see you from season to season, occasion to occasion and through everyday life, so it’s naturally a no brainer that they’d be included.

The cropped jacket and shorts are ideal for drinks with friends, a festival or general Summery activity thanks to the sleeveless and short situation. They are more casual pieces, but that’s not to say if styled with the right shirt and shoes, these pieces could be a nice shake up to a more formal setting.

You guys know from previous posts (here and here) that I’m a fan of a denim jacket and boy, have I got wear out of mine! I’m also always down for a denim shirt! Buttoned up to the top, unbuttoned with a plain t-shirt underneath, tied round the waist, there’s so many ways to wear a denim shirt which gives it such value in someone’s wardrobe.

Right, I’m off to dream of denim galore! If any of the pieces in this post caught your eye, make sure to check out Wrangler’s website!

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