Take A Minute

Jacket – Zara (similar here) | Shirt – Topman | Shorts (D.I.Y) – Topman | Shoes – Converse | Backpack – Zara (similar here) | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Watch – Emporio Armani | Bracelets – McQ Alexander McQueen, Pandora

¬†Aaaaaaaand breathe…

Today’s world is so busy and so connected we all need to take a minute for ourselves at times. I’m by no means knocking technology and the constant contact everybody has these days, anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit excessive in my use of social media.

It’s just that every so often I notice how caught up we get in it all. We don’t take a minute to¬†enjoy what’s around us. For example, this weekend, Andrew – my friend and flatmate – and I made our way to the New Forest and it was such a nice change of scenery and so lovely to take some time out from the chaos of everyday life, camera in hand to document the sights.

In terms of my sartorial choices that day, you’ll see I opted for young vibe bearing in mind comfort as A. we did lots of walking and exploring and B. I was completely and utterly hungover…

Shoutout to my mum for spurring me on to turn my jeans into the pair of shorts you see above. As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve always had an issue with my legs so wearing shorts hasn’t really been my thing, but I work with what I’ve got (and I have a gym membership to tone these bad boys up).

If you’re planning on chopping your jeans into shorts, and want to wear them turned up, make sure you cut them longer so that when you turn them up you’re not left with hot pants…

Photography by Andrew Flint

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