Get Sneaky with Lyst

Ahh shoes… *sighs* Don’t you just love them? It’s crazy how hyped up I get over shoes… They are one part of a wardrobe that is seriously worth investing in.

I’ve teamed up with Lyst to help you with building your shoe collection. Today we’re gonna look at sneakers, so I’ve taken a look through Lyst’s vast selection and picked ten of my favourites to share with you. Let’s check them out shall we?


As you’ll see, I’ve picked various pairs to give you a taster of what is on offer over in Lyst’s sneaker section. I’ve mixed subtle pairs with more outgoing ones to cater for a range of occasions. All of these need to be in my wardrobe, like yesteryear…

Make sure to head over to Lyst’s sneakers page – here – to land yourself your next kick(s) (get it?…) and I’ll catch you all on Sunday!

This post was sponsored by Lyst, but all opinions and editorial decisions were my own.

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