Get Into It

Jacket – Zara | Sweatshirt –  DSquared2 | T-Shirt (worn underneath) – Topman | Jeans – Topman | Shoes – Nike | Bracelets – McQ Alexander McQueen, Pandora

Get into it. That’s a phrase that’s coming up a lot recently around me. Be it units at university or being asked how I stay motivated to go to the gym. I can’t seem to evade it. Not that being surrounded by said phrase is a bad thing. It’s three simple words that can get you up and doing.

Using the gym example for a moment, I’m being more and more frequently asked how I enjoy going to the gym so much despite being such a lazy child. Truth is, I enjoyed being active, but on my terms… I never wanted to play football or rugby at school, I wanted to dance and play rounders with my friends. Fast forward a few years and I was sat saying how I want to get in better shape than when I danced seven days a week. How was this going to happen? If I get off my backside and head down to the gym. Fast forward again a couple of weeks and I now go three, sometimes four, times a week. And I absolutely LOVE it! So much so that Andrew and I opt for the two mile round trip – by foot. Granted, you won’t see any differences in my body from any posts before I joined the gym, but I’m working on it. 😉

Like with anything, it’s always the mental part. Get yourself psyched up and you’ll be up for whatever it is you’re not looking forward to. By changing your mindset, you allow what you thought would be arduous to actually be enjoyable. Oh! And I always find doing it when you wear something you love often helps too; hence why I’m cosied up in several layers…

Now… I need to go practice what I’ve preached to you with one of my university units… ✌🏻

Photography by Andrew Flint

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