A Beard-y Christmas

To shave or not to shave? That is the question posed to us by Kiehl’s. Do you prefer a rugged look? Preened facial hair? Or, are you more of a clean-shaven kind of guy? Well whichever your preference Kiehl’s has the answer this festive season!

As we close in on the big day, there’s things we need to be considering. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? What’s the plan on the day? Have you picked an outfit? Have you freshened up with a haircut, and last but definitely not least, are you going to sport facial hair?

Some of you may be growing yours out like I’ve been doing as additional protection from the cold, or to try something new for example. Some of you may have just finished not shaving throughout November and want your new, hairy addition gone. Regardless, I’ve got the answer for both of those decisions.

Close Shavers Squadron Smooth Glider Precision Shave Lotion*
This product is perfect for anyone looking to get that really close shave! Rich in Vitamin E and Kukui Nut Oil, softens the beard hair thus acting as excellent shaving prep. The gel-lotion consistency allows the razor to glide down the face pain-free and with less nicks/cuts. In my experience of using the product, I can honestly say it made shaving a more enjoyable experience thanks to the fresh, woody scent of the product and the ease it added. Post-shave, my skin felt soft, hydrated and more like I’d just gone for a facial rather than shaving.

Grooming Solutions Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil*
This bottle of lightweight product is a work of pure genius. Designed to make beard hair noticeably softer and smoother by conditioning it, the Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil, works both on the beard hair itself but also but removing dead skin sitting on the skin under the hair. For these uses, you can thank Pracaxi Oil and Salicylic Acid. And as for the enticing aroma, you can thank essential oils from Eucalyptus, Cedarwood and Sandalwood. When using the oil, I found it to be super easy to apply and left my beard hair feeling surprisingly soft considering how was early on in the beard growing process it was. This was all topped off with a wonderful, woody aroma.

Before wrapping this post up – and my Christmas shopping – I’d like to thank Kiehl’s for the products and set! Attempting to grow a beard was made all the better thanks to them, as was the removal of it.

Available from: Kiehl’s, John Lewis and House of Fraser

Photography by Jack Bradley

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