Bye Bye Breakout

And with that, Christmas is done for another year! 😢

Glasses clinked with cheers, smiles plastered across everyone’s faces, enough food consumed for a village, and of course, the presents. The joy on the faces of recipients is truly priceless. Oh! Don’t forget the chocolate!

In the past few days, I think I may have ploughed my way through my weight in chocolate… What does this lead to other than sugar cravings and irritability? Spots and breakouts! Fun, fun, fun…

Worry not people, Kiehl’s have come to the rescue once again! I’d like to introduce you to their Breakout Control range targeted primarily at adults. Now this isn’t to say that if you’re not an adult you can’t buy these products, I’m just letting any younger readers that the range is steered more towards combating adult breakouts. Adult acne is real and is just as emotionally trying as it is for teenagers.

Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment*
The Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment has had the Kiehl’s Chemists working hard to create a product with a gentle formula that can reduce the appearance of blemishes in as little as twenty four hours! Treating the skin using Sulphur encourages the shedding of the outer layer of the Stratum Corneum – or skin to you and I. This allows sebum to flow through the skin more freely without causing breakouts. The product then reinforces thanks to the Vitamin B3 within. The skin’s barrier is strengthened, its oily feel is reduced and is then soothed by the effects of the Niacinamide – which is a water-soluble form of Vitamin B3 – also featured in the product’s formula.

In my own personal experience of using the treatment, any blemishes attempting to push through have been thwarted and my skin retained a soft feel. Having used products that focus on spots in the past, I had hoped Kiehl’s’ would be different, and I can happily confirm it is. After defeating the blemishes, my skin was not left feeling dry or dead.

Breakout Control Blemish Treatment Facial Lotion*
Complementary to the Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment, the Breakout Control Blemish Treatment Facial Lotion completes the range working to aid the spot treatment in reducing the appearance of blemishes. Carefully formulated, the lotion also works to reduce the rough texture, the dullness of one’s skin and even balances the skin tone marked by acne. As someone who has suffered from acne, I can honestly say that makes this range even more of a godsend! This product contains Salicylic and Lipo Hydroxy Acids helping remove dead surface skin cells. This reduces the chance of breakouts as oils are at less risk of getting trapped. When applying the product, you’ll also notice a brief cooling effect. This is the Vitamin B3 and Aloe Vera calming the skin and brightening its appearance.

I found my experience the product thoroughly enjoyable. The lotion is fast absorbing, cooling and leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft. There is something quite refreshing about the cooling sensation of the lotion on your skin upon its immediate application.

As far as both products are concerned, it’s fair to say I’m very taken with them and will most definitely be heading straight in store when the day I require more comes. I would say that both are worth every penny and will aid the combatting of the post-Christmas breakouts perfectly! I’d like to thank Kiehl’s for kindly gifting me these products, and let you all know that despite this, all thoughts of the products are genuine and all my own.

Available from: Kiehl’s and John Lewis

Photography by Jack Bradley

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