2017: Time to Refresh

There we go folks! 2016 is done and can now be thrown away, put on the shelf, archived, etcetera, etcetera. Whatever your preference… You get my point… It was a year that will most definitely be remembered. There were highs and plenty of lows, but it’s now time to look ahead to what 2017 holds in store for us and what we can hope to achieve/work towards. I hope that you all had a Happy New Year and you saw 2017 in, in style.

My heart broke to hear of the various passings in 2016, and alongside the negative news that littered last year, I have high hopes that this year will bring happiness and good fortune to us all. I for one, am optimistic about the 362 days that 2017 have up its sleeve, but be aware that I’m not setting actual resolutions as that often results in them falling through.

Call me a doctor because I am missing the gym!! I never in my life did I think I would ever say this, but it’s true. 😵 Despite the miles I racked up during my recent internship, I haven’t been able to hit the gym during the festive season, which has left me itching to get back to it. You can ask anyone who knows me and I can guarantee they would never have imagined I’d join the gym, let alone stick to it. This year, I plan to continue on my journey to a leaner self and touch wood, nothing will prohibit this!

Unlike most students, you’ll find me dreaming of steamed kale over a kebab. Fun fact: I’ve never had a kebab in my life. Back home, my diet is well balanced and having picked up knowledge over the years, am aware of how to continue this whilst at university. Speaking of cooking at my term-time residence, I took to batch cooking last term to save time during the week. By the time I left to intern, I found that I ran out of ideas for what to cook. That changes now! I’ve stocked up on some new cookbooks and plan to get myself out of this cooking rut, commencing upon my return to English soil.

University/Career/Oh So Jack
My mum and I came to the realisation that I am now halfway through my degree. How on earth did that come round so quickly?! This year, I’m hoping to continue doing well at university, putting 110% into all my work and strike a good balance with blogging to ensure Oh So Jack doesn’t get deserted. Speaking of the blog this brings me to the next point. This year will be Oh So Jack’s fourth anniversary and I am honestly so amazed at how its come along in that time. It’s all down to you guys reading and following that make this possible, so I want to thank you and let you know I’m incredibly grateful! The plan is to introduce more lifestyle content to the blog and to finally get some content live on my Youtube channel. As it happens, I’ve been finding the camera easier and easier to talk to, now to just get the editing side down… Wish me luck! In the next few months I’m also going to have to bag myself another internship, so again, please wish me luck haha!

The last point that I wanted to touch on in this essay post is dating. I’ve reached a point where I am sick and tired of online dating, so have chosen to take a sabbatical from it all. That’s right, I’ve said t’rah to Tinder, waved goodbye to Grindr, and said see you to Surge. This isn’t to say some of these apps aren’t good, I just need a time out.

In an ideal world I could meet someone through a friend or in a social environment and not be sucked into the game of instantaneousness and the next best thing. Sidenote: If you know anyone, or are personally interested, hit me up haha! 🙋🏻

I’m scheduling content as we speak for you guys for while I’m away, but I’m also going to try and shoot some looks whilst in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I’d say that regular posting is most likely to resume as of the 19th January though.

Here’s to a great year! 🎉 What are your plans/goals for 2017?

Photography by Jack Bradley

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