Jacket – Zara (similar here) | T-Shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | Jeans – Topman | Shoes – Nike (similar here) | Scarf – Locharron of Scotland*

So the weather in Southampton cannot make its mind up and despite thinking I had figured it out, I am continually confused by it’s mini-climate. I’m way more down for the weather back home, it’s more like London’s.

With Storm Doris keeping the UK p-retty nippy right now, it’s time we reverted to bringing out the scarves. That being said, if working with a lightweight scarf or one with a light material, you can style them into your looks all year round. As it’s been so blustery and cold recently I opted for this scarf by Locharron of Scotland as not only did the green hues perfectly match those of my t-shirt but also because of how soft it is.

Thinking of it, this is a perverse fun – the weather in the United Kingdom – as it keeps us on our toes and due to it’s incapacity to settle, to traditional seasonal weather, has us experimenting with items we wouldn’t have thought to put together. Excuse the random┬árambling there…

Photography by Amber Merry

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