Growing up, I always loved picking things that I’d decorate with future house with. Some things don’t change…

At 20 years old I now – more than ever – enjoy picking homeware and decor for my rooms both at home and at university. Colour palettes, cushions, beds, chairs, etc… I always notice the smaller details  as they too can have a big impact.

Candles are one of the easiest ways to add a finishing touch to a room or space. Effective both burning and untouched, scented candles can help create a tranquil, fresh or cosy atmosphere (depends on the scent you like).

While I do go between my home and my university accommodation, I wouldn’t consider my flat to be a pied-à-terre – especially as I’m moving out in a few weeks… That said, there’s nothing wrong with pretending, right?… Hey, it’s not my reality (yet) *crosses fingers* but who says I can’t give my accommodation a little luxury touch? That’s where the Ralph Lauren scented candle in ‘Pied-à-terre’ comes in.

Scented with orange flower, French tuberose, geranium and jasmine, the Pied-à-terre candle not only looks luxurious but also smells light, fresh and sets the tone for what I hope to be a bright Summer.

Available at: Ralph Lauren, House of Fraser and Amara

Photography by Jack Bradley

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