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“I’m aiming to inject a bit of modern effortlessness into hair.” – Sam McKnight

12th June 2017: Hair styling maestro, Sam McKnight hosted an evening full of his friends and industry favourites to showcase his offering to the beauty industry. A collection of four new products named aptly named: Easy Up-Do, Cool Girl, Modern Hairspray and Lazy Girl.

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on Cool Girl and Lazy Girl and today I’m here to share with you my thoughts on the products, why guys shouldn’t be deterred by the pastel-hued packaging and some photos from the launch night (which you can find here and here).

Starting with Cool Girl, the product here to help when your hair is feeling flat. I’ve found this texture mist to be a great starting point when it comes to styling your hair. To give some oomph to the hair in question, tip your head and apply a generous amount, alternatively spray onto the hair and use your hands to squeeze, adjust, plump. Basically any motion that will aid the texturising/creation of volume. By working the product into the hair it takes the otherwise limp look and gives it dimension and life. Now I know most guys would have been deterred by the colours of the the Cool Girl and Lazy Girl packaging but you need get stuck into these books before judging their covers.

Now we reach Lazy Girl. For those times where you want to give your hair a break from washing or a freshen up during your day, this is the product to use. Much like dry shampoos, when you get the product close to the hair you result in white marks across your hair. What is unlike other dry shampoos, however, is the floral scent. A refreshing change from the odd, chemical filled cloud that pollutes the lungs. This and the mist like texture are what take Lazy Girl from your everyday dry shampoo and would easily be one of my favourite hair products. It’s really easy to apply, simply spray onto the hair and work into the roots. When trying out Lazy Girl, I also noticed that the powdery residue that clings to your fingers after working the product into the hair is a thing of the past! *Cheers*

My thoughts are pretty unanimous on the Hair by Sam McKnight range: They’re brilliant! It’s the small details such as the flower garden inspired scents and the residue-free fingers that elevate these products from everyday hairsprays to hair styling essentials. With this in mind, some would argue that the price tags ranging from £19.00-£22.00 is steep for a hairspray and dry shampoo, but there again these are formulated with more luxurious ingredients than the run of the mill hair products.

Has anyone else tried the Hair by Sam McKnight range? If so, let me know what you think of the Hair by products below in the comments, in an e-mail or via social media! And feel free to do so even if you haven’t tried them but have thoughts on them!

Hair by Sam McKnight is available at Liberty

Photography by Jack Bradley

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