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It’s that time of the week again, people. We’ve hit the halfway mark to the weekend, yet there’s something about acknowledging hump day that makes the week feel all of a sudden longer. Your energy saps and you hit a slump. As I write this I’m desperately trying to shake off mid-week drowsiness. It doesn’t help I’m currently on an earlier train to work too… I digress.

We all know the ways in which our lifestyles can take a toll on our skin so today I wanted to introduce you to the newest offering from British beauty brand, Votary.

Launched in June, the Votary Hydrating Body Oil is a fresh and zesty product, perfect for adding a dose of zen to your beauty/grooming routine. Formulated with Bergamot and Mandarin, this fresh and zesty body oil is here to remind us that skincare doesn’t stop at the neck. The rest of our bodies need TLC too.

Inspired by Votary’s co-founder, Arabella Preston’s work as a make-up artist, the Votary Hydrating Body Oil is designed to be absorbed quickly with minimal residue, which as you know is major bonus points for me. Peach kernel oil ensures that the skin is left velvety and that glow that’s been restored? Thank the camellia.

At the risk of sounding big-headed, I’m incredibly grateful for my skin being the way it is. Despite its sensitivity it is quite tolerable when trying new products, which makes things a lot easier. When I began using the oil, I was intrigued to see whether it would cause a reaction or whether there would be positive results. I was also intrigued by whether I would love it enough to suck up the greasy nature of a body oil.

Safe to say that I do and that the Votary Hydrating Body Oil has given my skin an even softer feel and began the necessary steps ready for the cooling temperatures. From the moment you open the chic, minimalist packaging to reveal the glowing glass bottle, to the smooth application of the oil, you know that you are using a high quality, luxurious product.

Votary Hydrating Body Oil is available exclusively at Liberty London

Photography by Jack Bradley

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