Jacket – Zara (similar here) | T-Shirt – NN07 | Jeans – Topman | Boots – KG Kurt Geiger | Bag – Liberty London

Take a moment. Breathe. Re-focus.

These three things have been something I have practiced for some time now, and as “wavy” as it may seem, have lifted me out of a rut many times over. It’s like a mantra if you will.

Has Jack had a meltdown you might be asking? Well, luckily, I have not had a breakdown. That being the above steps I do whenever things start to feel as if they’re getting too much. The tidal wave that is third year is getting closer and closer to hitting me and I am bracing myself for impact. Imminent deadlines already loom, the dreaded d word is lurking and then there’s the final major project. All are daunting, yes, but when taking a moment and breaking things down into one task at a time I have no doubt that I will remain composed throughout. The same goes for you too, if you’re in a similar boat. It’s all about making sure you get a moment to feel totally zen. Much like when I shot this look with Andrew and Mel. I am at my happiest when I’m creating and generating ideas for future projects. There were at least five photos I wanted to add to this post but I’ve made sure to be strict as I don’t want to bore you all.

In other news, how great is this backpack from Liberty?! I’m obsessed with it! Well, that and the memories of the wonderful time I spent there this Summer, attached to it. I’ve had so many compliments on it and for those men who are put off by the florals within the Iphis print, it was only upon close inspection did others notice. That and who cares?! If you like something, wear it! Own it!

Apologies for the lack of cohesion in my writing this week, I had several topics that I wanted to touch on and hopefully didn’t bombard you all too much! Thank you for putting up with these ramblings for four and a half years! I know… How has it been that long, right?!

Photography by Andrew Flint


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