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Wow… As if December hasn’t been flying by enough, I look at the blog and this is the first post I’ve managed to get out since October!! How did this happen?!

Shock aside, I’m back and have you covered during this hectic festive season. The Christmas market is in full swing down here in Southampton and the holiday season is settling over the city like a cheery, cosy blanket.

It’s time like these where people begin to lose their heads over what to get people this Christmas? “Does he want this?” “Does she like that?” The decisions send us into a panicked frenzy while the thought of all the Christmas shoppers makes us shudder more than the chill in the air.

This is where Bronnley come in. Founded in England in 1884, Paris trained perfumer, James Bronnley began producing accessible luxury for all. Fast forward to now and the brand has an expansive range of fragrances, bath and body products.

Today I’m here to share with you all a perfect gift him for this Christmas, and it comes in the form of the James Bronnley Original – Duo Gift Set. The set includes a 100ml bottle of James Bronnley Original Eau De Toilette and a 100ml bottle of the brand’s moisturising balm.

As the cold clutches at us, rain beats down and wind ploughs into us, our skin takes a beating. We don’t realise it, but it takes more of a toll than we realise. With that said, this doesn’t have to be the be all and end all. Formulated with Samphire, Sea Kelp and Provitamin B5, the moisturising balm can help nourish and replenish the moisture that we lack during these cold times. With its creamy consistency, the moisturising balm comes with a pump operated bottle helping to avoid over-pouring.

As for the fragrance, the James Bronnley Eau de Toilette is light, fresh and clean – perfect for the daytime. That is of course if you’re like me and prefer certain fragrances for the daytime and others for the evening. The Eau de Toilette’s top notes are an aromatic mix of bergamot, Italian lemon and neroli. The heart of the fragrance is herbal and mossy, while the woody base of amber, cedar and vetiver is complemented by a mint twist.

In my personal opinion, the James Bronnley Duo Gift Set is a perfect gift option this holiday season. It’s affordable, sophisticated and both products are great for the modern gentleman.

The James Bronnley Duo Gift Set* is available at Bronnley and Amazon.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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