Christmas 2017 Gift Guide

Thirteen days people! That’s right! Thirteen days until the big day, and for some that is the start of the Christmas shopping panic. I personally have mine locked down, but for those of you whom have just started or have no clue where to start, I have you covered.

Many say they find shopping for the men in their life difficult and whilst I’ve heard that more so than the other way round, one or two friends have come to me before about what to get for the women in their lives. It’s these discussions mixed with knowing loads of several people who have only just begun their Christmas shopping that inspired me to put together a gift guide that covers those in your life. Let’s get started, shall we?

Cornerstone – Gift Set*

Those of you who have been reading Oh So Jack for a while now will know that I have previously raved about Cornerstone’s service and products, so it only made sense to include them in this list.

It is perfect timing as the brand has recently launched their newest face wash and since my last post about them have launched a new moisturiser and razor.

For those who aren’t familiar, Cornerstone is a subscription service grooming company. Your first box will resemble the one above and will contain great quality products that you can tailor to your/your recipient’s preferences, for example, shave gel or shave cream. Why not start with the above gift set or should you prefer, you can opt to get them a gift card.

The Cornerstone Gift Set, £30, is available over at Cornerstone.

Eccentric Molecules – Molecule 01

Launched back in 2006, Molecule 01 is a game changer for the fragrance industry. I was first introduced to the brand through my aunt a couple of years ago and ever since then, our obsession with this fragrance has led to most of our family and friends fans of Eccentric Molecules…

Containing one, single ingredient – Iso E Super – Molecule 01 works with the wearer’s body to create a unique aroma. For most wearers, they say that they are unable to smell the fragrance on themselves but trust me when I say that it does not stop the compliments from coming at you left, right and centre. It really is no wonder why it is the best selling product at London department store, Liberty.

For those of you lucky ones who can smell the fragrance – I’m one of them and trust me it’s delicious – you will get wafts of a velvety-woody note that will vanish and reappear throughout the day.

Fancy adding something new, in the form of a cult favourite fragrance, to your loved one’s fragrance collection? Then what are you waiting for?

Eccentric Molecules’ Molecule 01, £72, is available at Liberty London, Harvey Nichols and Cult Beauty. The fragrance is also available in 30ml for £36 at stores such as Selfridges.

(Photography by Amber Merry)

AllSaints – Knitwear

You may remember these images from the ‘Cosy Formalities’ post I did earlier this year with the wonderful Amber? Well, seeing as we are looking at average temperatures of -1 and lower, and knitwear is always a great gift for Christmas, it seemed only right to include this absolute beauty of a jumper.

The subtle patterns with the knit creates an interesting flair while the neutral colour adds a chic touch whilst being super easy to style up.

For similar styles and to check out the sale of up to 40% off, head over to AllSaints.

Diptyque – Essence of John Galliano

Strike the match and enjoy the woody scent of this candle during this year’s holiday season.

The result of a collaboration between the Diptyque team and Mr Galliano himself, Essence of John Galliano is a sophisticated scent inspired by the designer’s love of the smells given off by dried herbs, Russian leather, mellow musks and dark bark.

I can already picture it displayed around the house, burning bright while we settle down with Christmas films and hot drinks – ahh, bliss.

Diptyque’s Essence of John Galliano, £46, is available at Diptyque, Liberty London and John Lewis.

Monopoly – Game of Thrones Collectors Edition

Perfect for the Game of Thrones fan having withdrawals, brought on by the season 8 wait. It’s the same game, but this time the stakes are the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Will you be an honest and fair player in this fight, or will you be ruthless and selfish like many of the show’s antagonists?

Battle it out with family and friends this Christmas and see who will take The Iron Throne…

Monopoly Game of Thrones Collectors Edition, £30, is available at Waterstones, Tesco and Argos.

Jo Malone London – Amber & Lavender Cologne

In the Bradley household, it’s become a bit of a ritual that no Christmas is complete without one of us receiving a gift from Jo Malone London. Even before we sit together and give out each other’s presents, we light the Pomegranate Noir candle (if you guys haven’t tried it, make sure you see what you think next time you are near a Jo Malone shop). You would not believe how I am with candles… Honestly, in every room except the bathroom you will find either a Jo Malone or Diptyque candle.

Luckily for us, the wonders that are the Jo Malone London team have bottled up our scents, be it the ones we have around our house or ones like above. Ahh, Amber and Lavender. I cannot tell you how much I love the smell of lavender!

The fragrance greets you with top notes of petitgrain before a heart of lavender stimulates the senses accompanied with honey and hay accents. The base of the cologne is amber providing the warm, masculine scent that evokes sensuality. Clean, masculine and with a bit of spice, the Amber & Lavender Cologne by Jo Malone London is the perfect way to dress the skin this Christmas.

Jo Malone London Amber & Lavender Cologne, £90, is available at Jo Malone London, Selfridges and John Lewis.

I hope this list has inspired your gifting ideas and should you still be stuck, feel free to get in touch, I’m sure I can come up with more options for you!

Photography by Jack Bradley

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  1. 13/12/2017 / 13:54

    This is a really useful gift guide, thank you! I love the range of items you’ve included – I’ll definitely be investing in some knitwear for my brother. Board games are always fun at Christmas time too, something to suit all ages. Christmas panic gets to us all but it’s important to remember how many different items are out there on the market. One of my go-to Christmas gifts for male friends and family is a high-quality leather wallet.

    • OhSoJack
      18/12/2017 / 09:43

      You’re welcome Sophie, so pleased you like it! 🙂 Exactly, there is so much choice to pick from so there is always something that will suit! Oo, good choice!

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