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I’m back again and am making up for lost time!

This time, I’ve teamed up with Jack Wills to bring you my Christmas wishlist from the brand’s current offering and as you’ll see I’ve decided to give you guys a mix of bags, clothes and accessories.

Going with green tones – olive, khaki and emerald – red, black and grey to keep this season slick and timeless. Seeing as now is the time to start layering, it makes sense to start bringing out the textures such as merino wool, flannel and brushed cottons.

I’ve tried to curate a selection of pieces that will see you throughout all the seasons – I never tire of versatile pieces as some of you will know. I am always thinking of how often I can wear an item when weighing up whether to buy it or not. Cost per wear people, cost per wear!

Any which way, enough about me, more about the above items and the great choices that are available to you this Christmas over at Jack Wills. Be it in store or online, make sure to check out their Winterwear and Partywear. Check it all out, but particularly now, those two sections have some stellar items ready to see you through work parties, Christmas day, Boxing Day, the whole works.

Looking to fill the stockings? Why not opt for the Wray Saffiano iPhone case in either emerald or black? Alternatively, give the gift of choice to your chosen recipient with a Jack Wills online gift card. They’re also available in a tangible form should you prefer.

For those seeking a monochromatic look this Christmas, why not play it smart in the Bloomsbury flannel trousers? Stack up the layers with the Rye crew neck jumper made of merino wool and the Chackmore striped crew neck jumper. In terms of bags, get school/work ready for the New Year with the Coleridge backpack in black leather – there’s a khaki canvas option which is equally pleasing. And for those of us lucky enough for a weekend away, there’s the Chesterton holdall – also perfect for carrying gym gear with you to burn off the mince pies and tubs of chocolate…

For those seeking a bit more colour this season, see red with the brushed cotton, Wadsworth Oxford shirt. Alternatively, prove that it is easy being green in the Broadwick flight jacket – in olive – and the Kirkconnel jacket. Why not wear with the Marlow merino wool cable jumper – again in olive. I would also recommend trying it in pale blue, camel and grey.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Jack Wills

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