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Hello all. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are getting excited for whatever plans you may have to ring in the New Year!

Me? I plan to bid farewell to 2017 surrounded by family and close friends. What about you, what do you have planned?

Year after year, I am reminded just how quick the Christmas period comes and goes. The build up, the excitement and the joy of getting together with family to share in the festive feeling. Games are played, mountains of food are consumed and glasses come together in a celebration.

I for one am savouring the feeling of the Christmas season and decided to keep the Bradley household feeling the same way thanks to Diptyque’s Holiday Collection for 2017.

Teaming up with Diptyque, artist, Philippe Baudelocque created the intricate and incredible packaging of the Holiday Collection set. It was the Unicorn, the Phoenix and the Dragon that inspired Baudelocque and Diptyque’s three piece collection and this prompted the resulting scents: Frosted Forest, Fiery Orange and Incense Tears.

Frosted Forest

Combined with the green colour, embodying harmony and beauty, the constellation of the unicorn contains a nebula called the Christmas Tree, located at 2,600 light-years.

Reminiscent of the refreshing scents of conifers, the mix of mint, Fir needles and Hinoki wood create the aroma of lush frosted forests. Fresh, subtle and fragrant, Frosted Forest is perfect for the outdoorsy smell of Winter from the warmth of the indoors.
Fiery Orange

Inspired by a fight in which the goddess Athena grabbed a dragon by the tail, swung it around her head, before casting it into the heavens amongst the stars. The warmth of a fire and the colour red are connotations often attached to dragons – guardian of the garden of the Hesperides.

Italian blood oranges sweeten the scent of cloves and smokey wood to create the aroma of a Winter fire crackling away on Christmas Eve.

Incense Tears

Inspired by the Phoenix, who is reborn from its ashes, came the piece in the Holiday Collection: Incense Tears. So it makes sense for it to be blue, the colour of immortality.

The resulting product? A scent comprised of incense, Myrrh with bits of cinnamon. For those who love scents as magic as the Phoenix itself.
Stimulate your senses and set an enchanting tone this New Year with Diptyque’s Limited Edition Holiday Collection. What are you waiting for, it’s been written in the stars…

Diptyque’s Limited Edition Set of 3 Holiday Candles, £82, are available at Diptyque.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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