2017: A Year in Review

As the last day of 2017 draws to a close, we begin to simultaneously reminisce and look to the year ahead. What were the high points and low points of our year? What was that anecdote from Summer that still has us in stitches? What does 2018 have up its sleeve? I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you as I seem to have misplaced my crystal ball… I’m kidding of course. One thing is for sure: I will remain as sarcastic as ever – good thing or bad depends on how you view sarcasm…

Despite the on-going political shitstorm, horrific terror attacks and other low points, 2017 for me personally has been quite possibly one of the best years of my life. I managed to finish second year of university with a good set of grades, land myself another internship – later becoming a job, interviewed for a placement at British Vogue and was offered the position and have had a great start to my third year of university. I’m incredibly grateful and plan to continue putting the same amount of hard work into everything I do as I have this year and years prior.

Whatever 2018 has waiting for us, there is one thing I’ve learn from the last few years, we always come together to share in success and offer love in difficult times.

To stop this becoming mushy, I’ll wrap this up! Here’s to 2017 and the next 365 days! Now, champagne for everyone! 🍾

Photography by Jack Bradley

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