2018: Looking Ahead

2018. 2018. I am still getting my head around writing that…

Anyway, I hope you had a Happy New Year and are ready for whatever 2018 throws at us. I had really banked on everyone being sick and tired of hearing and seeing the “New year, new me” talk and posts. Safe to say I was completely wrong and it is still as prevalent as ever… I haven’t posted that specific phrase, however I have posted about going from flabulous to fabulous (may have to trademark this…). Since I my gym membership expired the work I put in would appear to be missing and in its place a few extra pounds. This year, my plan is to get back on track with fitness, find my Summer body and – fingers crossed – keep it. This of course isn’t the only goal that I have in mind.

Along with getting back into shape, I will continue to put my all into my degree so that when graduation rolls around I will walk away with a high 2.1 minimum, but ideally a First Class Honours.You may also have noticed how my personal style posts have been absent in recent months. In fact, I haven’t posted a look since October… This is because before this Summer my photographers were Amber and Andrew and because the three of us lived together, shooting was an easy thing. Nowadays, Andrew works full-time, Amber works and does postgraduate study elsewhere and I am here in Southampton so in the rare times we do get to see each other it is because we want to socialise. This year I am determined to get together with them to create some killer imagery and also to find more photographers so that I can return to delivering weekly fashion content.

Overall, 2018 is set to be an exciting year with Oh So Jack turning five, me graduating university, interning at British Vogue and then who knows? I look forward to the adventure and will just have to wait and see where the wind takes me…

What do you have planned for this year? What are the things you want to achieve? Let me know, and I hope 2018 is an amazing year for you!

Photography by Jack Bradley

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