How To: Valentine’s Day For Singles

How is this day rolling round so fast again, already?! Seriously! It only feels like a month or two since Fifty Shades Darker came out in cinemas…

Admittedly this year, I will be thrilled on Valentine’s Day – for my friends – as the majority of them have been snatched off of the market. It seems someone finally shook some sense into men… I will, as per, be spending it with me, myself and I. Yes, I sound bitter. And yes, I would enjoy spending it with a special someone, but unless cupid gets those arrows flying, 2018 will not be the year. Over the years I have come to find that the more actively I search, the harder it is to find someone who isn’t looking to just roll in the hay. 🙄

I’m putting my feet up and just letting it happen organically hopefully. Besides, having a valentine for the 14th isn’t the be all and end all. You can still have fun and enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single person! Here’s some ideas of how to do so.

1. Drink to it

Be it a bar or a club, rally up your fellow singletons and show prospective partners what they’re missing out on! I imagine you won’t be smothered by couples in the clubs and for that, it is a go to for living your best single life.

2. Just one glass

For a definite way to avoid the masses of couples and PDA, why not stay in? Live your Bridget Jones fantasy and have a party for one. Make yourself dinner or get a takeaway, have a hot shower and set up camp on the sofa/in bed with a hot drink/glass of wine, snacks and a great movie or box-set.

3. Kick back and relax

Why not enjoy some me time with an evening at a spa? Be prepared to see couples all loved up in their oversized robes, but you’re not there for them. You’re there for you. Get a massage, a facial or even just enjoy a glass of bubbly wrapped in terry-cloth heaven.

4. Burn the coin

Shopping is a proven retail therapy. I can’t give you exact statistics, but I am unable to find more than a handful of people who don’t feel good after hitting the shops. Let’s be real for a second, if you don’t have an other half treating you to that jacket you want *sigh*, then why not treat yourself? After all, that jacket is pretty awesome…

Enjoy your day, however you spend it! If you’re really strapped for plans, you’re welcome to join me in watching Call Me By Your Name for the sixth time and cry your heart out to it… 😳

The ‘True Romantic Hamper’ is available over at Hotel Chocolat – here.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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