Are We Fucked This Time?

Jacket – Zara | T-Shirt – Don Broco | Jeans – Topman | Boots – KG Kurt Geiger

Are we fucked this time? It’s a question I have most definitely been asking myself for the majority of third year. It begun with me harmlessly destroying singing ‘Everybody’ by Don Broco and before I knew it, this academic year had me genuinely asking myself if I am indeed fucked this time. At present I would like to believe the answer is no, but a month ago my answer would have been hands down, yes…

The third year of university is a very surreal experience. You are gearing up for exam season or submitting your final major project. Both paths have taken months of stress, sleepless nights and tears and yet as we speed ever closer to deadlines and ‘the g word’, we have to not only prepare ourselves for the end of the stress, only to sit with knots in our stomachs over the wait until results day, but also for the readjustment to being back in the real world and not the bubble/safety net that university has been for the last three years. Oh! And don’t forget the job application process and the painstaking wait to either never hear back, be rejected or open the next door on this journey we call life…

Anyway, scary thoughts aside, it’s all about onwards and upwards! And seeing Don Broco live! If you haven’t done so, what are you waiting for? I have been waiting to do so for a long, long, long time and on the 12th February I finally did it and boy was it one of the best nights of my life! The guys are incredible live and the atmosphere is electric! Best of luck to them on their US dates and best of luck to all the third years getting ready for the end of an era!

Photography by Lluis Sureda Pol

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