Nivea Men Does A Body Good

There’s nothing quite like that post-shave feeling when you’re all fresh and looking sharp. Am I right? There are varying tastes when it comes to manscaping. There are the gents that prefer everything gone either all over the body, gents who prefer everything bare in certain areas, gents that like body hair – just tidy – and of course there are gents that prefer to do nothing to their body hair.

Regardless of whether you like bare or tidy, have you ever stopped to think that you’re using shaving foam/gel/whatever that is actually for your face? I know, I hadn’t really considered it either. Yes, it does get the job done, but what about if there were shaving products designed for the body? Well, now you can thank Nivea Men. They have created the Anti-Irritation Body Shaving range, which they have kindly let me get my hands on in order to share with you my thoughts on the products.

Nivea Men Body Shaving Anti-Irritation Stick

Easy to use and perfect size for any bag, the Body Shaving Anti-Irritation Stick is perfect for at home or wherever you may need it for. Simply swipe onto the body to apply and thanks to its clear appearance, you can see to shave, where you may have missed. Unlike other shaving gels, Nivea have tweaked the formula so that it can be used in the shower and won’t wash off mid shave – hooray! In my time using the product, I have found it to apply easily, smell amazing and do exactly as it says on the tin. I really enjoyed the portability of the product too!

Nivea Men Body Shaving Anti-Irritation Gel

Like with the stick, the Body Shaving Anti-Irritation Gel has been designed to stay on even in the shower, which I cannot thank Nivea for. It’s the simple things, honestly. I fell in love with the colour that the product comes out in (told you, simple things…). When lathering up, the gel appears to go white before settling into a clear shine on the body. My razor now happily glides and I now happily shave thanks to being able to see where to shave.

Nivea Men Anti-Irritation After Shave Lotion

Even though the shaving gel and stick’s formulas are designed to allow for a soft and protected shave, there are those of us, me included, who’s skin gets tender and sensitive after shaving. Within minutes of applying the lotion, it had quickly absorbed into the skin and the moisturising properties soothed the skin and allowed it to rebuild its natural protective layer. My skin looked smooth and fresh despite having a razor to it mere moments before.

Nivea Men Anti-Irritation Body Shaving range* is available at: Nivea, Boots and other leading retailers.

P.S. – Shoutout to Milk for the title inspiration!

Photography by Jack Bradley

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